Immersive Opera

Ligeti’s Aventures et Nouvelles Aventures as an immersive opera for kids 6+ (and adults) plays twice behind four screens. During the first performance, the public watches a visual asbtraction of the piece while being able to peek inside to where the musicians and singers are.

Once played, the public is invited inside the ‘beast’, while Aventures et Nouvelles aventures play again. They wander around where string, wind, key and percussion instruments are in the throat, nose, thoracic cage and brain of the beast, respectively.

Musical Director Elena Schwarz.  Set design, machinery, video, lighting and staging Cynthia-Ël Hasbani, Florian Kühnle, Cristina Nyffeler, Clara Pons.  Soprano Sarah Maria Sun, Mezzo-soprano Lena Haselmann, Basse Markus Hollop.  Ensemble Contrechamps.

3-4-5 September 2021 - Geneva, Switzerland