Nature for Life 2021;
Virtual Event

Featuring activists, influencers, leaders, and businesses, the virtual hub takes audiences on various thematic journeys, delving deep into specialist topics, practical solutions and ambitious actions that are paving a path towards a nature-positive future.

With “Toward a decade of Hope and Transformation” as overarching tagline, I conceived the 2021 edition of NfL focusing on transformation and nature-based safety nets for people and the planet and rethinking what access to food, shelter and water represents. For the day visuals, a morphing from problem to solution was drawn to underline what a decade of transformation could look like.

Client UNDP - UNEP.  Producer What Took You So Long.
Creative Director and Branding Cynthia-ël Hasbani Scope of work Poster Design, Title Block, Colours and Typefaces, Social Media communication, Event Branding and Motion Design, Consultancy w/ third party Animators, Video Editors and Motion Designers.

4-5-6 October 2021 - Online

Nature for Life 2020

2020 was the first edition of the virtual Hub, Nature for Life, in conjunction with the Equator Prize.

The overarching theme was “Putting Nature at the Heart of Sustainable Development and Green Recovery ”. 

The client wanted something creative, fresh and not too bold while retaining a human element. I went in the direction of minimalistic collages using photos from UNDP’s image bank and the Equator Prize’s winners’ portfolio.

24-25-28-29 September 2020 - Online