Limbo of the Matriarchs;

Venue The Sage Parlour Beirut. Curator Noir Clair.
Exhibition Concept and Poster Design Cynthia-Ël Hasbani.

Beirut, Lebanon.

This month-long exhibition at the Sage Parlour in Beirut was initially planned for ‘Looking at the sun’ a series of handcrafted mixed-media landscapes in portrait, that were lost in the mail.

Limbo of the Matriarchs is a series of posters composed of art that was suspended between approval and hoarding, where sunsets go missing.

I created the series while using and repurposing elements from previous commercial artworks that were not approved by clients. In their center, sits a placeholder sun in homage to the series of artworks, was lost in the mail.


August 2019 - Beirut, Lebanon