Unbehagliche Erinnerung;
Video Work

The video work تذكیر حرج - Unbehagliche Erinnerung [Uneasy Reminder] was created for this exhibition in collaboration with Nahed Mansour. It is an experimental collage that juxtaposes objects from the refugee shelter and from the museum in such a way that the two spaces begin to intersect. Historical references to the excavations conducted by German researchers alternate with statements by people who experienced having to flee their home, speaking about resistance and how they position themselves.

Concept and Storyboard Nahed Mansour.
Script and Edit Cynthia-Ël Hasbani. Curator Jorinde Splettstößer.

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa: Fund for the presentation of contemporary visual art, exhibition fund for municipal galleries, fund for artist remunerations.


July-September 2021 - Galerie im Turm, Berlin, Germany